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Two Days National Workshop on

Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking

04th Aug - 05th Aug 2017

Name of Expert - Mr. Anshul Verma, Cyber Security Analyst GeeksLab Technologies, Delhi

Name of Coordinator - Mr. D. B. Khadse, Mr. Y. B. Malode

No of Participants - 55

17-18 CSEIT Nat WS-1 17-18 CSEIT Nat WS-2
17-18 CSEIT Nat WS-3 17-18 CSEIT Nat WS-4




Big Data Analytics & Hadoop Technology

13th Dec - 17th Dec 2016

Name of Expert - Mr. Somil Deshmukh, Senior Technical Lead, Persistent Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur

Name of Coordinator - Mr. M. S. Chaudhari, Mr. V. P. Gaikwad

No of Participants - 31

2016-17 CSE-STTP-1 2016-17 CSE-STTP-3 2016-17 CSE-STTP-5
2016-17 CSE-STTP-2 2016-17 CSE-STTP-4 2016-17 CSE-STTP-6
2016-17 CSE-STTP-7 2016-17 CSE-STTP-8 2016-17 CSE-STTP-9



Activity  :- Guest Lecture on Java Application in Software Development
Name of Expert  :-

Mr. Amog Chitnis, Corporate Trainer & Director, Beyond Doubts, Nagpur

Name of Co-ordinator  :-

Mr. M. S. Chaudhari, Head CSE/IT Department  

Ms. D. Radke, Co-ordinator

Date  :- 19 July 2016
Duration  :- 1 Day
Branch/Semester  :- VII Sem CSE/IT, V Sem CSE
Total No Students  :- 103
Venue  :- Seminar Hall
Schedule  :- 11.30 am to 1.30 pm
Objectives :-
  1. 1.Discuss about the Concept of Java as platform independent language.
  2. 2.Explain its use as object oriented language.
  3. 3.Discussed various versions of java & explained the concept of JVM,JRE.
  4. 4.Discussed the future of JAVA in software companies & its various applications. He also elaborated the need of Java Progemmaning in Android development application. In this session he also discussed about various placement aspects and how to prepare for the campus placement.
2016-17 Guest Lecture-1 2016-17 Guest Lecture-2


 Session 2014-15


Activity  :- Workshop on Linux and National Linux Security Championship-2015
Name of Expert  :-

Mr. Bakul Dutt, Sr. Research and Network Engineer  

Mr. Abhishek Vyas, Sr. Research and Network Engineer

VBM Technologies, Delhi

Name of Co-ordinator  :-

Mr. M. S. Chaudhari, Head CSE/IT Department  

Mr. D. B. Khadse, Co-ordinator

Date  :- 08 & 09 September 2014
Duration  :- 2 Days
Branch/Semester  :- II,III,& IV Year CSE/IT
Total No Students  :- 70
Venue  :- Seminar Hall
Schedule  :- 10.00am to 5pm
Objectives  :-
  1. 1.Discuss about the Linux operating system and its use.
  2. 2.Explain the basic knowledge of Linux Security.
  3. 3.Explain how to maintain security to your computer.
14-15 CSEIT - IIT Workshop


Activity  :- Expert Lecture on Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security
Name of Expert  :-

Mr. Manoj Rai, Director

Network Hub, Nagpur

Name of Co-ordinator  :- Mr. M. S. Chaudhari, Head CSE/IT Department
Date  :- 01 September 2014
Duration  :- 1 Hour
Branch/Semester  :- IV Year CSE, I Year Mtech CSE
Total No Students  :- 80
Venue  :- Class Room
Schedule  :- 11.00am to 12.00pm
Objectives  :-

1.   Discuss about the Hacking and Cyber Security.

2.   Explain the basic knowledge of Computer Security.

3.   Explain how to maintain security to your computer.

     4.  Explain how to secure our Email.
 14-15 CSEIT-Expert Lect By Manoj Rai




Session 2014-15


Name of Company - Infosys (Bangalore)


2015-Industrial Visit-CSE-IT 5

2015-Industrial Visit-CSE-IT 4

2015-Industrial Visit-CSE-IT 3

2015-Industrial Visit-CSE-IT 2

2015-Industrial Visit-CSE-IT 1

2015-Industrial Visit-CSE-IT

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